Late at night

I'm a thinker, I admit. Late at night like tonight, I tend to think about my life and who I am as a person. I am about to be emerged into a whole new world, high school (yes, I am only 14). It's scary when I think about it. High school is supposed to be the best four years of life, right? I'm so scared of what it may bring to me. It determines my future, I really am. Who I'm meant to become. The very thought of the next day already gives me goosebumps, but high school. I can't bare to even look back at middle school. I know that middle school will be nothing but a blur after this summer is over. I'm scared, I confess. I tell every one I'm excited and pumped; really, I'm terrified out of my wits. I haven't even touched my registration packet. I don't want to sign away my middle school life away yet. Even though, I kind of disliked middle school life): I don't feel ready. It's not just high school. For me, it's a whole new world. (Aladdin came to mine. Haha) yes. I barely know anyone in PHS. I've met knew people (sophomores and seniors) but its been only a month relationship. Ah, they've helped me a lot. But first day of school. Who will be there for me? Get lost in the hallways with me?
… The thought of it makes me shudder and hide beneath my covers. I'm truthfully scared.

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