Midlife in Cali
Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco
I simply love this trip to San Fran. The feeling I got every morning I woke up was amazingly bedazzling. I don’t really know how to explain. The feeling of having nothing to worry about. Whatever happened back in Garden Grove stayed there. Nothing came along with me…except for of course clothes, toothbrush, and ect. BUT- that’s not the point. The point is, I felt like I could just pretty much let go of everything. It was my moment to think for myself. I didn’t worry about what my friends did,or what they needed. This place was my peace. Where every where I went, nobody knew me. It was this feeling of rebirth, you know? You have just emerged into a strange, strange world. That’s how it felt for me. That wonderful feeling: escaping.
Not to mention, the weather was might fine. The bustling city atmosphere was so lively. Nothing mattered but me & I loved it.

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