I love the idea of floating in midair…

it’s amazing. That little roller coaster heart attack you get when the plane leaves the ground and touches the sky above… it’s such a wonderful, lovely feeling. And then the little drop in the chest you get when the plane is landing. I love traveling. The first thought that I think of when I am up, up and away is probably “this is like paradise.” Every single time. It never gets old. The view is so clear and beautiful. The clearest blue sky of all blue skies. The oh so white soft gentle clouds…the glazing sun that makes the scene bright and full of life. There’s nothing else but the plane in the sky and for once, you feel captivated. alone. Because there’s nothing else but some random strangers boarding with you. They do their own thing and you do your own thing.

It’s a magical place. Viewing the world in a different perspective.

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