A Pair of Boots

Every time I'm at the laundromat with my Dad, I get this nostalgic feeling about childhood. It reminds me of the time I got my first pair of boots. Bearpaws, to be exact. It was my most treasured pair of footwear just because I had loved the feel of faux fur and cozy socks. Not that I still don't love it, but the first experience is always the most exciting.
I remember my first time wearing my Bearpaws was to the laundromat. My Dad was very confused on why I had to be all dressed up just to go to the laundromat. I couldn't possibly tell him that it was because of pure excitement, I deemed it as embarrassing to say that I was excited to wear boots. So instead, I told him that I was cold.
I can just recall sitting on the wooden bench with my feet propped up, admiring the fur lining inside.
It amazes me how satisfied I was with a pair of boots. It's crazy how something so little can make you feel such excitement and happiness. Every time I go to the laundromat, I get that nostalgic feeling of wearing my first ever faux fur boots.
Something as little and unimportant as a pair of boots can literally make me happy. The more we start to appreciate things, no matter how little and redundant it may seem, just only if we appreciate the things we have we'd probably be happier.
I've grown to take some things for granted, and that makes me feel either bored or unhappy. Thinking I don't have enough, but I actually do have enough. I just have to appreciate what I have been given and in it there are little bits of happiness scattered around that I have yet discovered.
Don't take anything for granted.
I've discovered that when I start enjoying the little things, I tend to be happier and it is normally engraved in my head.


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