Winter Greetings

I love this season so much! I live in Cali and I can only wish for such weather to exist. I love the rain. I love the smell of rain. I love wearing thick sweaters and coats. I love slipping in faux fur boots. I love fuzzy and cozy socks. I like the feeling of cotton against my skin. The feel of wool when I wrap myself up like a human burrito. I love how everything I eat is good because it feels me up due to the undying hunger of winter. I love the evening sun a bit more when the clouds decide to finally part for the night.
I can only wish we had winter more often.
Winter comes and go. It never stays for more than three days. Then a week later, if we're lucky enough then it might shower some more. Winter is so uncommon that it reminds me of how we always take things for granted. Winter shows me that the little do matter. Just a shift in weather can cause one to feel happy or sad. For me it's happy. I never realized how the weather affects me but winter has proven it to me. I tend to be more productive and much happier during this season.
Moral of the story. I love this weather.


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