In two days, I will be 17. Seven-teen. I think after my 12th or 13th birthday, birthdays no longer exist. From that point onwards, birthdays didn't feel "right." It's becoming just another day, nothing too exciting honestly. This kind of scares me because it feels like as we get older and older we stop caring about the littlest of things. Birthdays were like holidays for little kids. I remember someone had asked me what my favorite holiday was when I was in elementary school and I replied, "My birthday!" How embarrassing, but can't deny it! I yearned for nothing more than to grow old. Now that I am much older, I feel a bit saddened. As we grow older, we take things for granted. The things that used to make us happy have become nothing but a routine. As we grow accustomed to something, we tend to get used to it. I'm scared of when we all get used to it, we will forget that it has once brought us joy. I'm afraid of losing these little slithers of happiness. I don't want to get used to anything, because once something is a routine…we tend to do it without giving it a second thought, we forget its importance, and we take it for granted.
It's bittersweet growing older, I guess.

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