Today I accepted my very first dogsitting job! Just kidding, it wasn't really a job because I didn't get paid for it. I just watched and played with Chomper (cotton ball shown in picture) for a friend while he went to work. I just love dogs so much but too bad I'm allergic to anything that sheds. Thank goodness, Chomper wasn't a shedder. Dogs are such loving animals. They're loyal, friendly, and intelligent. Chomper was such a joy to have bouncing around in the house. He didn't do the dirty in the house (thank goodness!). He ran outside whenever he needed to go and never made a sound. I thought at first he was scared but he was just extremely calm. He got along with my two pugs. They actually got pretty scared of him because he kept sniffing them out. Hahaha. It was so funny when the pugs would hide under my Grandpa's legs just to get away from a small cotton ball that was literally half their size.


I managed to do some reading for my literature class as well while I was dogsitting. Chomper was always so calm and quiet that it felt nice just having him with me while I did some reading. I'm way behind on my readings but it's okay! I hope to finish up before this weekend ends. (I have a final on this novel when I get back from Spring Break. Ugh)

Aside from dogsitting today, I also received my Certificate of Participation from Red Cross for the International Humanitarian Law Campaign that I helped lead! They also gave me a savvy water bottle. It did spill in my backpack though so I don't really know how I feel about it. Maybe I'll just be extremely careful. Still, pretty neat. I love Red Cross so much and I cannot explain in words how much being a Red Cross volunteer has changed my life and changed my views on life. Maybe I should save this for a whole other post especially when my Red Cross presidency is officially over.

I have very exciting stuff to post about probably by the end of this week so stay tuned for my college road trip and friend hangover the next few days. EEK! I'm extremely excited for all of this.


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