College Road Trip: Part 1


The past three days, I got to experience the ups and downs of choosing which college I want to go to. I was very unsure of which school I'd like to attend for the fall, but after this road trip, I think I can safely solidify where I'd like to go.

Waking up at 3AM was difficult. Actually, I didn't even sleep because the moment I laid down on the couch, my alarm rang. My friends, Khuyen and Vincent decided to join me on my road trip as well. Khuyen, Vincent, and I got into the three schools that we were visiting so why not go together. The trip was long but the scenery was beautiful. After being in SoCal for so long, I tend to forget what luscious greens Cali has to offer!

First stop was UC Santa Barbara. It was definitely a pretty school. Right by the beach and beautiful campus in general. We got there at 7AM and it was very quiet. It didn't feel empty at all. The vibe was chill and relaxing. The dining common was very, very nice! Khuyen has definitely made up her mind after the visit that she would be attending UCSB in the fall. Me? Not completely sold. It wasn't the top school for my major and I was still looking forward to something bigger. IMG_2562

9AM: Breakfast. Nothing is better than eating overpriced petite breakfasts at a Danish cafe in Solvang, right? Just being in Solvang was lovely, but the cafe we went to was very overpriced for the proportion we were given. My cousin got some Danish shoes though so she fits in with the nursing crew. Hahaha, just kidding about the fitting in part but she is a nurse and those shoes are comfortable.

On the road again…5 hours later, we have arrived to Stockton, CA! We had a pho lunch and it was delish! It wasn't like overly good but it wasn't too bad either. Stockton is a very ghetto-like area. Graffiti sprayed all over the walls of broken down, no longer in use buildings. The streets were cracked and the fences were bent. It wasn't exactly where I'd like to live for the next four years. University of the Pacific, on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous. The buildings were beautiful and reminded me of schools like Harvard and Cambridge, except it was smaller. There was a little river that ran through the campus and trees were sprawled out everywhere. Busts of the founders were placed all throughout campus. It was overall beautiful. It reminded me of a museum more than school to be quite frank with you. Still, I couldn't find myself there.

Downwards to Hayward! 

3 hours later, we made it to my Aunt's house! We had a spaghetti dinner. After two plates of spaghetti, Khuyen, Vincent, and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. She lives in some private rich community so it felt completely safe. We walked all throughout the neighborhood and to the parks. We walked in completely silence and once in a while we'd talk and burst out in laughters. It was nice to just take in some time to think about life and college in general. We discussed where we each wanted to go to and what we wanted to do with our lives. I spent a lot of time reflecting and just really digging down deep inside of me for answers I couldn't figure out myself. The night was still young and so were we. We laughed and made jokes. Right then and there, it hit me. This is the only college road trip I would have with them. Possibly, the only time where we would all be together. It felt as if we were all going our own ways and everything was fleeting away so fast.

An hour after our walk and talk session, we decided to return back home and wash up. Food coma was chased away and we spent the rest of our night until 1AM doing homework and studying for our tests coming up right after Spring Break ended. That night, I couldn't help but be thankful to have wonderful friends like them and to have their support when I couldn't have support from my family or myself. The trip was just beginning and I can't wait to tell you more about it in my next post! I promise there will be more promising pictures.

This is just the beginning of an adventure I've always yearned for. 


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