College Road Trip: Part 2

I want to just first apologize for how late I am posting the second part to the college road trip post! I’ve been so caught up with school and I’ve been extremely busy ever since I got back from the trip.

8AM on Saturday morning, we all woke up and got ready to leave for our last college visit. UC Davis. It was about 1.5 hours away from Hayward, so we left as soon as possible. The road to Davis was absolutely gorgeous. I love how green everything was. The scenery was so different from Southern California that I had forgotten completely that I was still in California.

Around 10-11AM, we made it to UC Davis. I looked out the window and I knew that this was the place I wanted to call home. It just clicked me all of a sudden. Psst, Davis has it’s own winemaking building- which looks extremely beautiful. It’s such a huge campus that once you’re in it, it feels as if you’re in an entirely whole different town/city. Since it was so huge, we could only make it to just a few landmarks. Note that it was also Picnic Day so Davis was SUPER crowded. On a good note, everything was open because of Picnic Day!

My dad refused to set foot on Davis because he was afraid to see me fall in love with it and yearning to go to Davis. Not only that, but he had also rushed me as much as possible so we spent the LEAST amount of time at the largest school campus we visited! Hahah. But once you fall in love, you take its entirety so no matter how long I stayed or left, I already knew deep down inside where I wanted to be.

Staring at the map, we decided to hit the Arboretum first. It has a lake and various trees and mini bridges that took us from one area to another area in the campus. I felt as if I was transformed into a forest, rather than a college campus. It provided a relaxing vibe rather than a stressful, competitive one.


Just look at how beautiful it is. There were trees on both sides and it was absolutely stunning. Imagine going down here for a walk on the weekend. This was a part of the campus and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Next, we headed for the Shield’s Library. We also visited the eggheads on our way to the library and that was very surreal. I’ve only seen pictures but being at the campus itself and seeing the eggheads for myself, it was odd. It was like a dream come true. The library was, not going to life, creepy. It wasn’t as nice as what had imagined but then again it is a library and I can’t really expect much. It didn’t have this ancient, Princeton feel to it at all. It was like any normal public library but bigger and empty. Mostly empty because it was Saturday and only two students were in there. There were lots of windows and it was beautiful in that open sense. Khuyen, Vincent, and I decided to really explore the depths of the library so we took the elevator down to the basement. Needless to say, we ran out of that place as fast as we could. Every row of books we passed, we were waiting for someone or something to jump out at us. It was dim-lit and very shady. Hahaha!

Despite the eerie experience, we couldn’t stop laughing as we raced for the elevators. Basement of the library, check! I then got myself a free bookmark and we learned more about Davis’s geographic history. The school was definitely blessed with donors. UC Davis is the only school with its own AIRPORT. A small one, but STILL an AIRPORT. I’m already impressed.


Next, we went straight for the dorms! The dorms were very spaced out so we just decided to go for the nearest ones and the ones that I’ve invested most of my time searching about: Tercero. It was about 15 minutes of walking from where we were. The map was very confusing and the school was just so big that we were so lost. While we were walking, there were mini streets in the middle of the campus for bikers. They were like mini roads for bikes with two lanes. Too busy looking at the map and walking at the same time, I almost got hit by a biker. Hahaha. I felt the wind as he ZOOMED past me. I literally almost died.

15 minutes later, we made it! Tercero. We entered the dorm ground and the three of us just kind of stood there in the middle and took everything in. It was SURREAL. The sky was a clear blue and the buildings were yellow, orange, red, and green. The symmetry of the buildings with the blue backdrop. It was unbelievable. It felt as if I was in some Hollywood movie. 


With the trees and grass and just everything in general was absolutely stunning. I wanted to call this place home. I felt belonging and a sense of security. That’s little mini me in the middle of huge buildings. Hahaha. Not too long after this picture, my dad of course called and we had to find a way to get to a parking lot. Took us another 15 minutes.

I knew after getting off of the campus that, UC Davis is where my heart is and where I would like to grow and inspire. Plus, it didn’t smell like cows! (I also saw cows hehe, they’re cute!)

I couldn’t stop raving about the school of course and we did another drive through the entire campus. It was so crowded but we were still able to get around. I saw the frat and sorority houses for the first time ever outside of movies and lets just say- they’re pretty wild. We saw parties in action and it was insane! I felt like college is really what embraces the American Dream and education. It was pretty rad.

The next 3 hours, we spent in the car driving up to Lake Tahoe…but this is for the third post because the stay at Lake Tahoe needs its own post! Stay tuned for the third part of my college road trip series! 

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