Getting Back Into It

Hello Friends!

It's been a while since my graduation post and I am very sorry for that short hiatus. Since my summer job doesn't actually start until the end of July, I had decided to pick up on some new hobbies. Well, it's an old hobby since I've been doing this ever since I was probably 4. Arts & crafts. I am used to working with acrylic mediums but this summer, I felt more adventurous and decided to work with some watercolor. I'm also trying to improve on my sketching as well! I've been practicing so please don't judge me just yet. Hahah, it has been awfully fun trying to watercolor and script quotes as well. I'll leave some pictures down below so that you can have a taste of what I've been up to. My goal by the end of this summer is to be able to invest in a water brush and actually know how to use it! To better my water coloring skills and to improve on my sketching abilities and actually be able to do some urban sketching!

But all in all, the ultimate goal is to really be better at documenting all the things that I love and my adventures- big or small.

How to actually reach these goals: (in my opinion) 

  1. Invest in cheap watercolor sets +try out various cheap brushes 
  2. Sketch every single day 
    • Sketch what I'm doing 
    • Practice sketching my hands or an object 
    • Make mistakes! 
  3. Journaling 
  4. Travel to more places and enjoy the view it has to offer 
    • Practice sketching the place you're in 
    • Have a portable watercolor set 
    • Explore & document on paper
  5. Watch YouTube videos! 
  6. Find something to motivate and inspire yourself 

Hopefully, I will share some of my work as the summer drones on. I've been carrying a mini notebook and watercolor set (I made it!!) everywhere I go. So when I'm inspired, I just have to whip it out and ta-da! I will update you all and how I've improved and share more of my pictures.

Please feel free to leave a comment about some tips that I could possibly use to better myself and any challenges or requests you'd like to see. It would really motivate me to try.


Thao Janet

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