Step One: 1st Quarter


This is me. Janet.

I have finished my first quarter of uni at UC Davis! I've met amazing people. I've learned new stuff and I've discovered what it's like to be surrounded by positive, hard-working people. I can't wait to tell you about all of the great things that have happened so far! I wish I had kept up with my blog during school because I want to document all of my college shenanigans with you. College is, well, interesting. It's fun but it's also very draining. You work so hard for three months without even realizing how hard you've actually been working! As the quarter came to an end, I can't help but thank all of my lovely friends and roommates. I'll showcase some of our holiday pictures!


This is Rheymart. Without him, I would probably die in Mat17A. He has made this quarter 101% better and I cannot wait for next quarter with him. I'm bummed that we won't be having math together but I know that we will hold study sessions together! img_5110

Myat. The kookiest girl out there. She's so adorable and is like a sister to me! She has made me appreciate and love 1D more than ever. We call her our 5th roommate, after Rheymart! Her corgi, Ruby is also the most photogenic dog ever. img_5102

This is my crazy, weird roommate, Michelle. We come from the same hometown but we've never met until now. She is the sweetest little button. She's a sleeper and she sounds like Caillou!img_5134

That's Neil! He's the sweetest guy on the block. He has suffered two classes with me this quarter! He also has the nicest, cutest cat ever, Mickey. img_5132


ALMOST THE ENTIRE CREW. (We are actually missing a lot of people.)

 This is us.

Oh, the girl to my right is Reca! She's my other roommate. We didn't get any pictures together because she had to study for a final, in which she did amazing on!!! I'm so proud of each and everyone of them because they persevered through finals! ❤

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