Family Vacation + Housewarming

Last weekend, my entire family + relatives decided to take two full vans up to my aunt's house in Hayward, California (Bay Area) for her housewarming party! While in Hayward, we decided to go to places in the bay!


It was so much fun being able to take a break from school and friends to just hang out with the family, you know? I used to hate family gatherings and parties because it was just so awkward for us not-a-kid-anymore but not-an-adult human being. It's just that we don't fit anywhere in the equation of a family party, especially when there aren't that many people your age at the party either. It was always the little kids running around making a ruckus or the adults at the dining table, gossiping about what Uncle Bobby had for lunch at work or Aunt Suzy getting a new mani-pedi. Anyways, I digressed a bit. As I grew older, I came to love family gatherings and parties. It was fun and interesting. So much would be happening and when your relatives start telling stories about the past, it just never stops and you learn more about just everything. Whether it's about your grandparent's past or about that one time where your mom almost got kidnapped (true story), there's so much that you start to appreciate the true art of storytelling.

This happened a lot during the reunion. A lot of stories were told and a lot of new stories were made.

First stop, Aunt Tiffany's house in Hayward. 


Her house is absolutely gorgeous. From the outside to the inside. The interior design was just breathtaking. My favorite part was probably her kitchen/dining room area. It's super sleek and I mean, all of the food is there. Hahaha. We unpacked and rested for a couple of hours before our second stop.

San Francisco. 

This city has a special place in my heart. I've visited San Francisco more than I could count with my fingers. Every time I visit, there's always a new place that I'd like to see. Since this was a family vacation and not everyone has seen what I've seen, we visited the top touristy areas. Hahaha. We went full on basic with this trip! The bridge, Ghiradelli, Fisherman's Wharf, Boudin, and driving around the city's hilly streets. (Terrifying.) I'm in awe with how fast the city moves and how people get around here because man, is it crowded. Something about a fast paced city gives me so much adrenaline. There's always something happening just around the corner and that's why I love San Francisco. It's diverse in so many ways yet I feel like everyone is moving at the same pace. Fast.

Third stop, Half Moon Bay. 


Stunning. I'm just so in love with this place. The drive here was treacherous though because of traffic and it was only 24 miles away from my aunt's house but it took us over an hour to get there. I'm not sure why but LA traffic doesn't tire me out as much as NorCal traffic. Something about it is very different. I presume it's because in LA, there's a lot of buildings for me to look at and cities are literally right next to each other, so there's never really an empty vast of land? But for NorCal, cities aren't always that packed and close together. There's always some stretch of vast land that lies between each destination. (Maybe? My theory.) We saw a bunch of seals and the tide pools were beautiful. The drive around Half Moon Bay was breathtaking. I loved the hills and all the greens of this place. It reminded me of a countryside and I just couldn't believe that I was near San Francisco, a very urban city. We walked along a path and the next thing you know, we were consumed by tall trees and it just felt so surreal to me. I loved it! I also had this very delicious veggie burger at a local seafood joint called Barbara's Fishtrap.

Fourth stop, housewarming party. 

I love food. I didn't get to eat very much though because I'm a vegetarian so it was very hard to find something to eat. I ended up eating noodles and veggies with a drizzle of soy sauce. Hahaha, but it was more about the atmosphere and the vibes that I was really hungry for. The last time we had a huge family reunion was probably new years. (?) It was nice being able to see everyone together again and enjoying a nice family meal. So I was happy with my noodle infused soy sauce while everyone was licking their fingers nonstop the grease and meat they were consuming.

Since it was only a family weekender, it did eventually have to come to an end somehow. The seven hours drive back home was filled with nothing but after-party joy. I'm used to sitting in the car for a long time so it didn't feel too tiring. I was sad it had to end but I'm grateful that we all got the chance to take a break from school, work, and life in general just to be together again.

Trip= success. 


Thao Janet


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