Political Science 101, check.



I remember when I was still finishing up my first year up at Davis, my friend and I pondered about which classes to take during the summer. I remember writing down five different courses and Political Science 101 was last on the list of what we wanted just in case classes were all filled up. Then as time ticked by it somehow became #1 on our want-to-take-over-summer list. So we said, why the heck not and signed up for it!

I never thought of myself as someone who would want to even take political science or actually enjoy it. I dreaded history and civics in high school. It wasn’t interesting nor fun to me. I would rather solve chemistry and calculus problems. (Just kidding, I probably didn’t want to do either at the time being but you get the point. Hahahah.) I just never cared enough to learn about it. Boy, was I wrong. Political science is actually very useful and interesting. I’ve learned more about the government and just about what our country is founded on during the past six weeks than probably four months of online civics. Online civics was easy but I absorbed absolutely nothing.

I found myself listening to the news more in the morning and staying informed of what is happening around us and being able to detect certain words and phrases that I had learned in class. I found myself applying what I learned to what I was seeing and hearing. Whether it’s looking at the news media differently or trying to understand why Congress sucks at compromising or getting things done. It was all coming together and honestly, it made watching, listening, and reading the news a lot easier and less painful. Sometimes it would even make me laugh. It’s just one of those feel good inkling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you are able to connect what you learned from the books to real life.

I can’t believe it took me this long to be educated about American politics but that’s my fault because I would always judge how nasty politics can get so when I get to class, it’s just this negative mindset that gets in my way of actually learning. By taking this Political Science 101 course, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t judge a course before taking it. Yes, some things just seem so unbearable but that’s what I thought political science would be. I was like “oh you know, check and balances. Free market. Supply and demand. That’s all I need to know. Boring.” It is so much more than that and I can’t believe I’ve had this preconceived notion that everything politics is boring. It was a very informative course and I always find myself using the stuff I’ve been learning in class to my daily life.

Sometimes we’re in our own way of acquiring knowledge and becoming better students. We come in with this type of mindset that can either make everything sour or sweet. Because of this course, I’m excited to learn more outside what I always thought was the best way for me to go- science and math. I want to open myself up to more than just biology and chemistry. There’s so much out there that I haven’t explored yet. (I was actually looking up English courses that I could possibly take, hahah. I  feel like it’s something I always had in the back of my mind but never got around to fully delve into. )

Political Science 101, Room 101, Dr. Andrade.

Thank you for opening up my eyes to a whole new perspective on exploration learning. This class is my catalyst to kickstart my journey to becoming a life long learner. There’s always so much to learn and it doesn’t always have to be for something. There’s no better way to justify taking a class that you’re interested in than the fact that you just want to learn more. Sure, it may not even pertain to your subject of expertise but you know what, you’re going to be able to tackle anything that comes your way. You can talk to people about all sorts of things if they aren’t from your area of expertise. You can wow people with random facts and who knows maybe find out that you are more passionate about something you’ve never thought about before the course.

There’s nothing richer than learning. You really start to see things in a whole new light and sometimes that’s all that it takes to make a big difference. For me, coming into Political Science 101 with a clean slate has made all of the difference.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This holds true to just about everything and I’m glad Political Science 101 made its way to the top of my want-to-take-over-summer list. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, it just made the cat stronger and well informed about what it shouldn’t do in the remaining eight lives. So stay curious and continue to seek more. There might just be something just around the corner that you never knew about if you’ve put a limit on what topics you think you’re more inclined to learn and enjoy. Hahaha.

Until next time,

Thao Janet


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  1. Melody Lorel says:

    Is that really your handwriting?? :O It’s gorgeous! Also, you make me wish I took Political Science. So well written.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thaojanet says:

      Hi Melody!! Thank you so much for your comment and for reading. Yes, that is my handwriting. Hahah, I try my best! Political Science was very informative and interesting. Super worth it!! ✨


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