Summer Days


These are just some photos I’ve captured to remind me of the warm summer days.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post but it makes me happy whenever I look at it!

Like look at how cute this compilation is! All my favorite summer things in one.

The picture of the woman is not me though. Hahaha, that’s my cousin, Jasmine biting into her favorite street taco at a vendor somewhere in L.A. It’s just a picture to remind me of how fun and spontaneous summer nights are. I like to get in the car and just drive off to places with my cousins. They never fail to make a night last forever.

Crepes + Ice cream + Fruits = Perfection. You can never go wrong with this combination. I was craving some crepes and ice cream the other night so my cousin, Janice and I decided to drive out to one of our favorite ice cream shop, Creamery Pop. She’s a vegan so all she got was gelato but being a vegetarian, I can still devour all the goods. I really helped myself out to a strawberry-banana nutella crepe and two scoops of ice cream: milk and cereal + matcha green tea. Yum.

Sunflowers. My favorite flower is the sunflower. It’s big like the sun and that just shouts summer. I am not really a flower type of girl to be quite honest with you. I prefer looking at green succulents and grass. Hahah, yes, grass. My ex-boyfriend once planned to ask me to prom by “promposing” with a pot of grass instead of flowers because I really don’t care much for flowers. I actually grew my own pot of grass once too! It died shortly afterwards because I accidentally trimmed it too much to the point where it was shocked and died. That was the last time I tried to grow grass. I just don’t have a green thumb. (I’ll work on it though!)

The beach is a perfect summer activity here in SoCal. After going to school up north, I never realized how much I miss the “sunny SoCal” weather until I came back. The weather here really is perfect, not going to lie. Nothing is better than coming home to the nice ocean breeze and the Disney fireworks every night. My favorite beach, hands down, is Laguna Beach! Even though I have Santa Monica in this picture, Laguna holds a special place in my heart. It holds nothing but the greatest memories and the small dainty downtown and the hills of Laguna makes me happy. (I actually dream of living here all the time!)


Thao Janet

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