Catching Up

Do you have that one friend that you don’t talk to all the time but when you meet up it’s like nothing has ever changed? That’s me and my best friend, Karen! We’ve been friends for a little over ten years now? (Crazy, I know.) We went to different high schools and are currently at different colleges so it’s hard to find time to hang out all the time. Yet when we do hang out, it’s as if we’ve never separated!

We recently met up to get food and catch up on our lives before school starts eating us alive again! A day with her is always so refreshing and blissful. It’s like a very nice spa/therapy treatment for the soul. I am so full of love because of her!

Irvine Spectrum 

We grabbed a small lunch at The Melt. Well, Karen had some mac ‘n cheese while I just devoured french fries since I ate not too long before. (Guilty pleasure alert!)  We walked around and got some cute macarons from Honey & Butter. I love Honey & Butter so much- especially the french toast flavored macarons. Ahh! I remember staring at the elephant macaron and hoping it would be a french toast flavored one. I asked the worker what flavor the elephant was and literally a millisecond after she said french toast I squealed so loudly. Karen got the Oreo flavored koala macaron! They’re cute and very delicious.

Honey & Butter Macarons

Goodwill & Marshalls 

We went thrift shopping at Goodwill! I found this really cute Levi’s jean jacket but curse my frame, the arms were too long but everything else was perfect. I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect jean jacket so if you know where to get a nice quality jean jacket, help a girl out please. Okay, but nothing too expensive though because broke college student status. I fell in love with a Madewell jean jacket and it looked so perfect but the price wasn’t very friendly. (One day, I’ll come back for it.) Marshalls is like one of those stores that I just absolutely love walking around to browse all the random knick knacks they have in the stationery section.

Hiccups Teahouse 

I am a sucker for hip-looking cafes. It’s a big weakness. I do not care if the drinks are mediocre, I will still pay the cafe a visit if it is aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t know, I LOVE cafes that are decorated in brown and green hues. I love the rustic feel and all things brown, earthy, and rugged. IT’S A WEAKNESS TO BE HONEST. I got a strawberry twist tea with boba and it was a disaster. It was overwhelmingly sweet and I didn’t even finish 1/4 of it.  The tropical teazer that Karen ordered wasn’t too bad though! I’m just not a huge fan of fruity tea drinks so I’m a bit biased. Again, the setting is absolutely adorable so I would come back for their garlic noodles and maybe a green tea drink instead of a fruity drink!


Just look at how cute this girl is. Ugh, I love her to death. By the way, she got this orange cream soda at The Melt and IT WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR. It tasted like orange cream soda BUT IT WAS CLEAR. I was very mind boggled because of this. It made me question life for a moment. Hahaha.


Every time she has taken me out, she has managed to wreck her car somehow. Today, as she was pulling into a parking spot she accidentally scraped and dented the passenger door with a pillar. It’s bad. Karen, I am so sorry for being such a bad charm to your car. The first time she took me out in her car, she ran over a curb and scraped the bottom of her car and was stuck for a good minute or two. The world is just out to attack her when I’m in the car so I promised to drive her around for the next few dates. Hahaha. I am officially banned from getting into her car. Eek.



Thao Janet

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