To Everyone

I just wanted to say…


Thank you so much for sparing me some time out of your day to just check up on my latest posts or even my older posts. It means so much to me when you send me a random message or a comment just saying that you enjoy the content I've put out. Whenever I receive a comment or message, I just stupidly grin to myself as my heart dances around in circles. I get random messages even from people I rarely talk to (You know who you are and I admire you so much!) and honestly, you make me jump with joy. Hahaha, for reals! Nothing means more to me than a simple, "Hey, I know we rarely talk but I love your blog, keep it up!" This blog has given me the chance to rekindle old conversations and start fresh again with people I've lost touch with. I'm so thankful for the opportunity given.

I have never shared my blog or my writing with anyone, and then one day I just decided why the heck not jump out of my comfort zone. So I polished this site up and decided to make it public to all of my friends and family. I don't regret it at all. The amount of love and support you have all shown me is beyond what I had expected. I thought that everyone would just pass by my annoying Facebook posts and think that it's all really corny. Okay, yes, nothing is really that exciting on here so I understand if nothing grabs your attention. Hahaha! But just the mere thought of someone viewing my home page is good enough for me. With that I want to say thank you for allowing me to share with you what I love to do since I was a wee little girl and for always cheering me on. (It feels like my secret life has been exposed. AhhHhh.)

You have inspired me to keep going, growing, and creating!


Thao Janet



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  1. What a lovely post! ❤ I hope you keep up blogging =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thaojanet says:

      I will do my very best, thank you so much for your support ✨

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