My 8 Visits to Tahoe

 I have visited Tahoe EIGHT times within ONE year.

Oh Tahoe, how many times I’ve visited you and the infinite number of times I’ve fallen in love with you. Lake Tahoe is about an hour away from my university so visiting Tahoe was a MUST for my dad every single time he came up. I won’t complain though because Tahoe is such a beauty, and I don’t think I’ll ever be sick of it.

First Spring

Above are pictures from my first visit to the lake during my spring vacation. I went with my cousin, dad, and my two high school friends, Khuyen and Vincent! We were going on a college road trip (College Road Trip: Part 1 & College Road Trip: Part 2 ) and decided to visit Lake Tahoe before going back home. Discovering new places with family AND friends was a blessing and definitely a heck of a time to remember. Hahaha, I remember playing arcade games in the hotel and taking hundreds of pictures in the forest. Vincent also ended up bruising Khuyen’s arm because we were playing the license plate game. Definitely a trip to remember.

I have seen Tahoe in all four seasons! It’s just I don’t know where my summer pictures are, hahaha. Maybe one day I’ll find it but what I remember from my summer visit is that I had a horrible migraine, and it was hot and crowded. Shortly after our visit, news about the bears coming out to the lake went viral. We missed the sighting by a day, sadly. 


I did not take a lot of pictures during my autumn visit to Lake Tahoe because I spent most of my time enjoying the last few days with my parents before I was sent off to college. (Homesickness is real!) This was probably one of the most memorable trips to Tahoe for me. My parents, cousin, and I decided to spend a day hiking. Due to the change in altitudes my cousin actually got lightheaded to the point where she couldn’t walk, and I had to call 911 in the middle of a freaking hike. It was absolutely bizarre and scary but so memorable. The firemen came to the rescue and we made it out just fine- thank goodness!


I spent a couple of days here at the closing of my winter break, and I am still in awe at how BEAUTIFUL winter is. I may be weak to the cold but winter is my favorite season, ironically. Being a southerner (hahaha) myself, I never really got to experience snowfall or white out winters. Being able to witness Tahoe coated in fresh white snow was just absolutely breathtaking. I remember waking up from a nap and seeing the drive through the serpentine mountain roads. It was like I had woken up in a dream itself. Both sides were coated with snow and the road in front of us was so white and mysterious. I remember the excitement that coursed through me, and thinking about it now still gives me the chills. Honestly, a dream come true. Snow covered trees are to die for. 

Winter into Spring

This time around we got to explore more on the north side of Lake Tahoe and even though our time was short, we spotted a mini castle on an isolated patch of land in the nook of the lake. (Pictured) I hope to be able to come back some time during the following school year and see more of the north. (My dad and uncles actually spent a whole day exploring the north without me once, and they discovered new viewpoints and waterfalls. I’m a bit jealous.) During this trip our rental van actually got a flat tire on the way down the mountains, and we had to wait for two hours for help. It was very scary, but we did get to spend some more time exploring the area! There’s always some form of good in the bad.

More Spring 

This time I actually went with my friend, Myat, for a project! We helped collect water samples at the lake. It was pretty fun and the view was absolutely surreal. I had such a great time walking through the icy cold waters and then onto burning hot sand. I love how the water here is so clear, and the reflection of the sky onto the water is just perfect!

I tend to not take too many pictures because I want to live in the moment rather than trying to capture the moment. We live in such a digitalized world that we forget to take in what’s in front of us before having a camera take it in for us. I sometimes find myself “snapchatting” a moment rather than taking in its entirety first, and I don’t want that to become a habit. When you go somewhere- take in the view first before your camera does! Maybe you’ll just be able to see that bird swoop into the water instead of your iPhone’s lockscreen. It’s amazing how things can happen so quickly within a blink of an eye and imagine missing it because you were fumbling around for your smart device. (Internally screams)

Lake Tahoe has inspired me on so many accounts to live a more meaningful and simple life. I hope one day you get to visit Tahoe and see its beauty for yourself.

Safe travels,

Thao Janet



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