How I Brunch 101


I love brunch. I live for brunch dates! I like that time frame when ordering either breakfast or lunch is acceptable. (I think breakfast should be available all day!) Before I ramble on and on, here are my tips to having a pretty successful brunch:

1 . Put on whatever makes you feel happy

I feel like going out to brunch is a pretty good excuse on a Saturday or Sunday morning to wake up and get all dolled up. Put on your favorite sun dress or an outfit that makes you feel like you’re in control of your life. We will be having mimosas so look your best! (Just kidding, I’m underage.)

2. Invite a friend


It’s always more fun going out to eat with someone. You can spend this time to catch up with friends and discuss all sorts of stuff. If you’re not feeling the need to have company then bring your favorite book or magazine with you! Books are great with everything if I dare say so myself.

3. Take pictures


You’re dressed nice. Take a couple of snaps while you’re at it!

*Hint: Choose a brunch place in a scenic area! Downtowns of any city will provide great picture opportunities. Plus it’s fun walking down Main St. before and after eating.

4. Pick a place

I have a LIST of places to go out for food on my phone. When friends ask me where they should go to eat this and that, you bet I got it all covered. Hahaha. I love trying out new places and dragging people to new places. I’m more of an environment/atmosphere eater than a food eater. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but let me explain. I enjoy going to restaurants/cafes with a good vibe or atmosphere! It’s a plus on my list if the food options and prices are great too but what attracts me first is the environment set up! I am not a very picky eater therefore I don’t mind mediocre foods unless the price is unreasonable. I hope that made some sort of sense.

I use Yelp to help find new places near me. It’s really useful, and I recommend it to anyone who loves to explore! Or a trick is whenever I go somewhere and I see a cute restaurant or cafe that I’d like to try out, I would write the name down!

5. Order whatever you like


Whether it be breakfast or lunch, just order whatever your heart desires! Hahaha, there’s no right or wrong during the hours of brunch. That’s probably why I love the idea of brunch so much. I love the leeway it gives.

Wake up before it’s 2 PM one day and hit a friend up for a brunch date. It’s a lot of fun and such a great way to start your day outside. Afterwards, you’ll be full of energy to tackle on whatever else it is that you need to do for the rest of that day.


Thao Janet

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love that dress! You look beautiful in it! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thaojanet says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! Believe it or not the dress was like only $10! What a steal hahaha. 😋


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