Hello there! My name is Thao Janet and I am a 2nd year college student at UC Davis. I am from sunny southern California, but now reside up north for school. I’m a planner type of girl because it makes me feel in control of my life and I love stationery a little too much. I’ve been blogging ever since I was in elementary school, whether it was on Yahoo 360 or Tumblr. I tried writing novels on Wattpad but eventually became too uninspired to continue after drafting 1/3 of the novel. I’ve always stuck to blogging and it’s a hobby that I truly enjoy.


“Why did you start blogging and what is this blog even about?”

Aha! That’s a very good question indeed. I started blogging because I wanted to keep an online daily journal about my days. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions. It was a form of escape for me. It’s where I let my thoughts glide. Although I do hope to not bore you, I will blog about life and just share with you the beautiful moments of life- good and bad. I want to one day open this blog up to lifestyles and just college shenanigans. I’m still in an exploratory space so hopefully you’ll stick around to help me grow as a blogger.

Got questions? Please feel free to ask and comment! I am open to suggestions about anything and everything. 

Beep me: janet.nguyen26@gmail.com

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